I'm Alex, I have a Bachelor's and a Master's degree from UC Riverside in electrical engineering. I am currently employed as an Electrical Engineer in California. I work on side projects during my spare time. The projects that I have developed into kits are for sale in this shop.


I am not associated with Daft Punk/Columbia Records in any way.


Do you accept returns?
Once a kit has been shipped, I do not offer returns. Please make sure that your address is correct! If you need your order rushed, send me an email. I typically ship out the orders next day.

Can you loan me a helmet?
I'm afraid that I can't, there's way too much stress associated with renting helmets.

UGH! I can't get a kit to work, what do?
Email me, send as many pictures as you can, also include a video. I'll do the best I can in order to get it working for you.

What if I cannot make the kit work at all?
In the case that you cannot fully complete a kit, you can send it in and I can take a look at it (for a fee).

Do you do custom electronics commissions?
Yes. If you have a reasonable timeline, a hefty budget and know exactly what you need, I can do it.

What helmet casts do you recommend?
I personally like Mogaui Props casts, I recommend contacting them before placing an order to establish a delivery date. . I also like FireWire's Thomas cast. Maz Power offers some decently priced, chromed helmets on eBay. (I am not commissioned if you purchase from the people mentioned above)

Where do you get your helmets chromed?
Don at Coat of chrome does excellent work, the price is around $350, but the quality is unbeatable.

Do you only work with LEDs?
I really enjoy working with embedded systems and LEDs are just part of what I do.

Can you sculpt a custom on-of-a-kind helmet for me?
I'm not really a sculptor, but I can design some basic items and 3D print them.  Check out lunaspuppets.com, they can sculpt pretty well. If you want electronics too, I can work directly with Luna's Puppets.

Could you sell me the code used in your LED kits?
Nope, I don't plan on selling any of the code I have written.

Could you sell me the PCB layout file to make my own PCBs?
Nope, I don't intend on selling the layout file.

Are you going to create some more LED kits?
Yep, I'm working on a couple more kits.

Can I purchase kits, install them in a helmet and sell the helmet?
You can do that, just credit me as the designer of the LED matrix.