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  • Image of Learn to Solder Kit
  • Image of Learn to Solder Kit
  • Image of Learn to Solder Kit

Need a little bit of practice soldering before you attempt to make a kit?
Here you go!

Kit comes with:
2 x PCBs
Lead-Free Solder
60 x LEDs 5mm
8 x Ceramic Capacitors
8 x Resistors
8 x Electrolytic Capacitors
6 Integrated circuits (74HC595N Shift register)

You'll Need:
A Soldering Iron
Helping Hands
Wire/Flush Cutters
Eye Protection

Solder Wick

Once assembled, this kit doesn't actually do anything, it is just to practice your soldering.

Assembly tutorial (Video):
Assembly tutorial (PDF):

Does this kit do anything useful?
Nope, it is just to practice soldering. If you want, you can spray paint it and glue it to a Nerf gun to make it 'futuristic'

These kind of look like the Guy Basic Chins, why?
The manufacturer messed up making the Basic Chins, so there is no way to use them as such. So, these are being sold as learn to solder kits.

Can you combine shipping charges if I order additional kits?
Yes, yes I can. Just place another item into your cart and it should automatically combine the shipping.

Why is international shipping so expensive?
I can't do much about the price set by the US Postal Service. If you purchase additional kits, the shipping cost will be combined.