• Image of Cooling Fan Kit - DIY kit
  • Image of Cooling Fan Kit - DIY kit
  • Image of Cooling Fan Kit - DIY kit

Would you like to add a cooling fan or two to your Thomas or Guy Man Helmet? Then this kit is for you!

Included in the kit:
1 or 2 black fans (depending on the kit you choose)
2 inches of heat shrink tubing
1 9v battery snap
1 switch

Required tools:
Soldering Iron
Wire Cutters
Wire Strippers


Assembly tutorial here:

Please note that there are No Returns!

Arg, I'm an international customer, why is the shipping so expensive?
It costs money to send this kit internationally. I do combine shipping, so if you buy another kit, additional shipping is $2.

Should I purchase the 1 or the 2 fan kit?
With another fan, you get more ventilation, however, you do get more noise and decreased battery life.
It just depends on what you want.

Can I purchase this kit assembled?
Sure, the price is $22 + shipping, use the contact form.

How difficult is this kit?
1 on a scale of 1 to 10, basically black to black and red to red wiring.

How much time does this kit take to put together?
Between 5-15 minutes.

How long would a 9v battery last?
Roughly 2 hours (using 1 fan).

Do I have to use a 9v battery?
Nope, if you want, I offer just the fan (which will run on 5v). You can wire it into an LED kit if you want. Just connect the red wire to VCC/+5V/V+ and the black wire to GND.

Does this kit fit both Thomas and Guy Helmets?
Yep, the Thomas helmet is self-explanatory. If you want to add it to a Guy Man helmet, you will need to cut a piece of plastic to size to fit in the bottom chin area of the helmet. That piece of plastic will need to have a hole cut out of it to hold the fan.

Does this kit fit all helmet casts?
Yes, it should. I know that different casts have different vent holes and these fans should fit all helmet casts, from the smallest to the largest.