• Image of LED Goggles - DIY Kit
  • Image of LED Goggles - DIY Kit

Do you want your own LED goggles?
Here is your chance to make your own!
It features 128 LEDs, using the same hardware as the Thomas LED display. There are currently 23 different animations that can be selected by pressing a button on the battery pack. This kit is Bluetooth Compatible, allowing you to change modes with your phone, in addition to allowing you to have custom text scroll. You can choose whatever color of LED that you want, just make sure that the LEDs 3mm in size.

Please note that there are NO Returns!
Assembly Tutorial:
Youtube Playlist

When completed:

Comes with the kit:
1 x Control module
1 x Power board
1 x 5v Regulator
2x Matrix Driver Boards
1 x Goggles (optional)
1 x Laser cut template (Makes 1.7 x 1.7 Inch Matrices)

Parts Required:
2 x 16 Mhz Crystals
3 x 22pf or 18pF Capacitors (10, 16, 25 or 50 Volts)
6 x 0.1uF Ceramic Capacitors (10, 16, 25 or 50 Volts)
6x 10uF Electrolytic Capacitors (10, 16, 25 or 50 Volts)
6 x 1k Ohm resistors (1/4 or 1/8 Watt)
3 x 27k or 30k Ohm resistors (1/4 or 1/8 Watt)
2 Meters of 50 Conductor 28AWG Cable
~ 200 3mm LEDs (whatever color you want)
3 x Max7219 Chips
1 x 4 pin female header (or buy an 8 pin header and trim it)
1 x Uart Bluetooth Module HC-06 Slave
3 x 6mm Momentary Push buttons
1 x 4AA battery pack w/switch
50ft 28 AWG 155c enameled wire (optional)

Tools Required:
• Soldering Iron with a conical tip (30-40 Watts)
• Wire Cutters
• Wire Strippers
• Hot Glue Gun
• Paintbrush

Supplies required:
• Fine Solder
• Hot Glue
• Black Acrylic Paint
• Credit Card Type Object

Once assembled, do the LEDs change colors?
Nope, the LEDs stay whatever color you ordered.

Do I have to purchase additional parts to complete this kit?
Yes, check the Parts Required list above.

Where can I purchase the Required parts?
Ebay is the best option.

Do I have to be able to write code to assemble this kit?
Nope, the kit comes with a pre-programmed chip.

What skills are required to complete the kit?
Being able to solder is a MUST! Everything else is more-or-less straightforward.

Does the kit come with goggles?
Yes, if you select the *with goggles* option.

Does this kit come assembled?
Nope, you have to assemble it yourself.

How difficult is it to assemble?
On a scale of 1-to-10, around 4.

Is there a way I can buy the kit assembled?
Yes, but it would be more expensive.

Is there a way you could sell a kit with all the parts required to complete the kit?
Not for this kit, sorry.

Do you ship world-wide?
Yes, I do.

How long does International Shipping take?
Roughly 1-3 weeks.

I want to purchase a completed LED kit.
Send me a message.